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unsold lots in the bedford center cemetery


Unsold grave sites are found in Areas A through D. Sites in Area D are single person plots with additional space for an urn. Two person and four plots are available in the Areas A through C. We are currently only selling plots in the Bedford Center Cemetery Hilltop Section.

The areas are indicated in the aerial view. Click on an area designation and you can then select invidual plots from the list of available plots. This list is updated in real time and represents the current inventory.

The price of plots is based on their size. A 4 place plot, is $ 3000.00, a 2 place lot is $ 1500.00 and a 1 place plot, is $ 750.00. Complete details may be found by selecting an area and then clicking on the plot number. The number of plots also indicate the number of urns that may be interred.Urns are in addition to traditional burial plots.