Bedford Cemeteries
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 Beals Road or South Cemetery  Site: 20
Name:  Burns,Wyfeman Clagget     
Gender:   Male 
Date of Birth:  12 11 1795
Place of Birth: 
Date of Death: 01 08 1797 
Place of Death: Bedford,NH  
Father's Name:  John Burns
Mother's Name:  Patten( ?),Elizabeth 
Maiden Name:  Patten( ?)
Spouse's Name: 
Emblem: Male face
memory of
Wyfeman Clagett
Burns son of Lieu.
John Burns & Mrs.
Elizabeth his wife
Who died Jan. 8, 1797
Ages 23 mo.
And 20 days

The dear delight we here injoy
And fondly call our own
Our but fhort favours borrow'd now
To be repaid anon.

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