Bedford Cemeteries
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Old Bedford Cemetry - Back River Road  Section:    Site: ROW 13 2
Name:  Orr, John Hon.     
Gender:   Male 
Date of Birth:     
Place of Birth: 
Date of Death: 12 23 1822 
Place of Death:    
Father's Name: 
Mother's Name:   
Maiden Name: 
Spouse's Name:  Orr, Sarah
Miliary Affiliation:  
Cause of Death: 
age 74 He possed great independence of mind regulated by exact justice both in public and private life. He esteemed moral excellence above all other qualities of character, and was more desirous of that, than of any other attainment. His life was true to his sentiment. As an officer in the church of Christ, he was distinguished by a discriminating judgement, by uncommon decision, candor and meekness. He lived and died in an unshaken adherence to the faith once delivered to the saints.